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Smoots-Hogan Birthday Fundraiser!

You are invited to join hosts

Butch Boyd
Mike Gallagher
David P. Matthews

for a fundraising reception and birthday celebration for

Judge “Alix”
Alexandra Smoots-Hogan

Thursday, October 18, 2012
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Coppa Ristorante Italiano
5555 Washington Ave.
Houston, Texas 77007

Come give Judge the gift of your support
before early voting begins Oct. 22nd

To join The Host Committee call 713-942-5816 or email
Please make a contribution today!

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Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan’s Fundraising Reception

Houston Style Magazine:

On Thursday, September 13, 2012, Houston Style Magazine was on hand at the home of Jim McAlister, IV for a fundraising reception for Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan for the 164th Civil District Court. The reception was hosted by Jim McAlister, IV; Andrews Kurth LLP; Randy Canche; Dimitrios Fetokakis; Gary and Joyce Groves; Rocky Robinson; Serpe, Jones, Andrews, Callender & Bell, PLLC; Smith & Hassler; Roger and Catherine Sullivan. Attendees nibbled on delectables provided by Niko Niko’s. Some in attendance were Kristen Brauchle, Tanya Garrison, Jessie Weaver, Melissa Back, James Mercado, Jimbo Herrera, Luisa Calderon, Adrian Greene, Shannon Snider, Rene Sigman, Chelsie Garza, Fred Wahrlich, Frank Svetlik, Dalton Dehart, and Dwayne Jenkins.

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Save the Date: Sunday, September 23rd

Join us for a “Sunday FunDay” Support Party

at the home of
Chris & Julie Evans
1505 Chippendale Rd.
Houston, TX 77018

Sunday, September 23rd
3:00PM – 6:00PM 

Pick up a yard sign and enjoy refreshments and great company. Bring your little supporters, too!

County Attorney Vince Ryan Wins Court Order Against Treasures

CBS Houston:

County Attorney Vince Ryan today won a court order requiring Treasures to take a number of steps to ensure prostitution and drug crimes do not occur at that club. At the request of County Attorney Ryan and the City of Houston, Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan this afternoon issued a temporary injunction that requires Treasures, a men’s club on Westheimer, to provide more video surveillance and security guards, and to take other steps to ensure its patrons and employees comply with the law. The order came at the end of four days of testimony, including statements made by undercover Houston police officers and video surveillance.

Posted September 12, 2012 • Read full article at CBS Houston

Treasures Strip Club Must Cover Dancers’ Backsides After Houston Judge Saw ‘Too Much Tokus’

The Huffington Post:

An X-rated strip club in Houston is about to go PG.

At the behest of District Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan, patrons of Treasures Strip Club must tuck in their shirts and strippers are forbidden from showing their backsides, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

“I saw far too much tokus for my liking,” the Chronicle quoted the judge as saying after she reviewed video footage taken at the club.

Strip club chided for showing too much “tookus” gets to live on even as a stripper journalist dubs it a whorehouse

Culturemap Houston:

The question at hand this week centered on whether Treasures could be considered a “public nuisance,” a designation that would shutter the club for a year.

On Monday, Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan decided to give the club until Dec. 10 to clean up its act by complying with the following provisions.

  • Mandatory sign-in, videotaped bag checks and twice-monthly drug tests for all employees
  • Employees must cover their, um, backsides; patrons must tuck in shirts
  • New employee background checks; fire those with felonies
  • Security officers on all levels of the club; sex acts and drug activity must be reported to HPD
  • Install 14 video cameras in addition to the 12 already in operation; tapes sent weekly to city and county attorneys

The conditions are based on evidence that attempted to show that Treasures management continually turned a blind eye to illicit activity, with more than 40 drug and prostitution arrests made at the club since 2008.

Judge rules local strip club may remain open under certain conditions

KHOU writes:

After the Harris County Attorney and the City of Houston filed a lawsuit to have a local strip club shut down, a judge issued a court order on Monday that Treasures can stay open provided it meets a host of new conditions.

The lawsuit alleged that the owners, management and employees of Treasures, located in the 5600 block of Westheimer, knowingly tolerate drug activity, organized crime and the human trafficking of young women for the purpose of prostitution.

Prosecutors said there have been more than five gang-related incidents – some involving prostitution and drugs – at Treasures in the past year.

Judge Alexandra Smoots Hogan heard four days of testimony, including statement froms undercover police officers and video surveillance.

In a court order on Monday, Judge Hogan made several stipulations for the continued operation of the club and to ensure prostitution and drug crimes do not occur.

Posted September 10, 2012 • Read full article at KHOU

Save the Date: Thursday, September 13th

Guests are cordially invited to join in hosting
Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan

Thursday, September 13th

at the home of Jim McAlister, IV

316 Buckingham
Houston, TX 77024

To join the host committee, contact us at 713-942-5816
or by email.